Chad Hogan
Title: Head Coach
Phone: 314-719-8025
Year: 1st

Hogan was named the inagurual Head Coach back in December 2017. 

"I'm super excited to help start up the program and get into coaching," said Hogan. "My goal is to compete on the highest level with the power house schools. I love that Fontbonne is backing the eSports program so much."

Hogan is currently the co-owner of OmnEsports which is a business that hosts video game tournaments and events. He also manages the OmnEsports social media while managing multiple Facebook groups such as League of Legends Wichita, Hearthstone Wichita and OverWatch Heroes.

"Coaching an eSports team is an attractive position to me in general, and the fact that this is a brand new program is even better," added Hogan. "I really loved meeting with the Fontbonne staff, especially AD Maria Buckel, while touring the campus, and I can't wait to start working alongside these wonderful people."

"They all seem so interested in learning as much as possible about eSports, and I really like that. I'm very grateful to Fontbonne for hiring me for this position."

FBU will start out its gaming season playing League of Legends which is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS and RPG elements. Two teams, each with a unique design and playstyle, will battle head-to-head across battlefields and game modes.